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Ropes or halyards braided in high-tenacity polyester as standard, manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery with high load capacity, which allows us to produce more linear meters without cuts in the thread. Our rigid cord is characterized by its great resistance to atmospheric influences, traction and friction forces. It is indicated for professional and outdoor use in a multitude of applications and sectors such as greenhouses, masonry, gardening, agriculture, livestock, decoration, DIY, fishing, nautical, crafts, playgrounds, advertising, packaging, sports, awnings, trailers, toilets, camping, shopkeepers, etc. The elastic cord is available in single or double braid, braided with aramid core, and in flat rope. We manufacture in diameters ranging from 2mm to 20mm as standard and are served in a single format, bobbin from 100m to 300m, depending on the desired cord.

Bobbin of 10 mm flat rope
100m bobbin of rigid rope, 10mm halyard  with aramid core in white-blue

Bobbin of 10mm flat rope

100m bobbin of 10mm halyard rope with aramid core in white-blue

Example of the 8mm rigid cord with aramid core

Example of the 8mm rigid cord with aramid core

200m bobbin of 6mm rigid rope
Example of 8mm double braided rigid cord

200m bobbin

6mm rigid rope

Example of double braided 8mm rigid cord

Bobbins of different types of rigid rope

Bobbins of different

 types of rigid rope 

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